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So Sunday night I arrived in Darwin to the sound of party poppers and streamers. Actually no. Rain on my leaking tent was all I could hear.

But I’d made it. Nearly 5000 kays from Sydney, two weeks and two bikes. I’d had punctures, abuse, breakdowns, wind and rain. I’d lost my cap, sunglasses, glove, broke an earphone, the clip on my helmet camera and yesterday morning was bitten on the leg by a dog.

The dog belonged to the man in Darwin where all my bike documents were being sent to (I’d met his mother over tea in Darwin) – the registration for Dot Cotton and her passport. I can’t take Dot abroad without them. Monday morning I go see if they’ve both arrived. Only the rego has. No sign of passport. Dog bites me. I thought that was it – boat missed – as the cut off was tuesday morning and his next post doesn’t come til 3pm on tuesday.

I ring shipping company. Deadline extended ’til Wednesday midday. So if the passport comes this afternoon we’re sorted. Off to East Timor. If not then I have to wait for next freighter on the 5th jan, roughly a week after my visa expires.

Fingers crossed.

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