I’ve found them…

… sadly not in the Austrian girl’s bra, but hiding amongst my socks and pants beneath the hostel bed. Idiot.
All good to go then. It’s raining now so in the morning me and Dot are going to hit the road and pick a dirction. North, East, West or South. We’re not sure yet whether to see more parts of Malaysia or just spear across the boarder to Thailand and in the two and a half weeks I have until I need to be in Bangkok do a galloping loop of Camobodia, Laos and Vietnam – that’s if the men with the machine guns let us in to the latter. They just don’t allow private bikes in, but I’ve been told that if you catch them on a good day there could be a chance.
Either way I need to get back against the clock. Having days to waft and loaf just doesn’t suit me. I need a challenge and something to push me along. In Australia and Indonesia that wasn’t a problem as I was always racing against visas that were about to expire. Here in Malaysia I have no deadline so instead of hitting the highway when I wake up I waste half the morning day-dreaming about what I should be doing rather than getting off my arse and actually doing the doing.
The intent tomorrow then is to ride hard and fast in whatever direction our moods choose. I just hope they let me in to Vietnam ’cause I’ve just seen the Top Gear special and it looked a great place. After that we fly over to Burma to Nepal. From there India, Pakistan, Iran and, I’m now looking in to it, across to Dubai. If we do that then it’ll be back up through Syria and Jordan and along Turkey until Europe and home for a nice cup of tea and a salmon sandwich with salad cream. I miss that so much.
Now I’d better ride.

2 thoughts on “I’ve found them…

  1. Hi there…….still remember the ‘mechanics’ (three men that work for the Malaysian G’ment) at the North and South Highway. Hope ur tyre won’t give any problem to u). Ok ….good luck.

  2. Hi guys,of course I do,. Thanks a million for helping out yesterday. After the second repair it was ok so I carried on to the border and rode through the night. Now in Krabi feeling a little tired.