Lights, wet camera, no action

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Behind the shower door. What better place to hide a brand new Canon camera I bought just a week ago. I thought it was safe there, out of sight from the thief who might break in and take the lot.

But there was just one problem. I forogt it was there. So when me and Raylee got back from a swim she jumped in the shower, as did I a minute later. Two minutes later I see my camera swinging merrily in the water. Drenched, dripping, sodden.

No longer working.

I panic and cry and sob and splutter but it’s no good, camera dead. I hit my head on the fan and in my momentary rage lash out and break that too. One blade broken, the others all wonky. But i was mortified. A brand new camera. Four hundred quid. Ruined by water damage not covered by warranty. Bugger.

But Raylee, calm and patient opens the flaps, takes off the lens and leaves it outside for a sunbathe. the screen on the back is fogged up and rainbowed by water. Slowly it dries out. The wet spot getting smaller. Then disappearing. Then the battery goes back in, next the lens. Power on. Flick the switch. KAPOW. IT’S ALIVE.


So camera bacck to life but neither of us quiite so healthy after a night on the beer and whiskey and coke. I was sick over the side of the balcony and in the sea. Raylee’s spent the morning in bed. Feeling better now but lesson learnt. Stay away from the water.

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