Lost end

Shit sticks and savoury dips, today my heads just one big jumble.

The problem’s my paperwork and logistics is all over the place. For a start my passport is with the Indians having a visa stamped in it. That’s due back next Wednesday. The problem is that I desperately need to photocopy some pages from so I can get the ball rolling with the pigeons who are going to propell Dot from Bangkok to Kathmandu.

But in some ways there’s no haste, because I can’t go anywhere until I’ve heard back from the Iranian embassy about that visa. You see, when you apply for that you have to pick an embassy from where you’d like to pick it up should your application be successful (I dread to think if it’s not) and I’ve gone for Bangkok. I’ve informed I shall find out on the 15th of May. So I can’t go anywhere until then.

Neither can I go anywhere until my camera’s fixed. That’s in for repair after I went it to the see with it and got hit by a wave. That could be one week, maybe two.

So I sort of stuck in limbo, trying to pick a point through all these expected deliveries and decisions I can do nothing about. I’m thinking I might head out of Bangkok for a few days, breathe some fresh air for a change and escape the fog.

But I’m still chuffed about my Pakistan visa. I’ve seen online other people who told ‘no, go home, don’t even bother,’ so I consider myself extremely lucky to have got one. I just hope I have the same luck with Iran. Fingers crossed.

Right now though i’m off for some food to fill a belly that’s been neglected today. Ta ra.

The problem is e now got all these paperwork issues and logistics to sort out and the plan,

what to do with my little self right now. I have conundrums and decisions to make, many of them

2 thoughts on “Lost end

  1. Hey Nath…..! Man you seem to have finally lost the plot. These months on the road must have corroded your mind. Having a coherant argument with your bike is definately not sane.
    But safe in the knowledge that you’re mates round the world are wishing the best for you should maybe give you positive thought.

    Keep doin’ what your doin’ mate. And be mindful of certain situations.

  2. Nath.
    Can you, by any chance, change the embassy to the one in Dehli?
    That way you wont have to wait around in Thailand and can get on with it.
    Sounds like you could do with a good long ride on crazy South Asian roads.

    Best of luck.
    We have decided to stop here in India.
    Many reasons which I will explain in an email.
    See you somewhere in the north.