Made it!!!

Well, we did it. Sydney to London on a moped called Dorothy. We’re now just absolutely shattered so off to bed but wanted to first thank you all for following all this way.

It’s been a real blast from beginning to end with it hard to believe it’s now all over. No more riding, no more map reading, no more moving and exploring and searching and finding. The wheels have stopped, the brakes are on.

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on what happened the last few days but for now I’m off to bed; we’re pooped.

Nate and Dot.

13 thoughts on “Made it!!!

  1. You made it “The long way home”. Let us all know when you are back in OZ. If you visit one-ten motorcycles I’d love to ride my red devil postie up to meet you. – You can sign my helmet!

  2. Heartiest Congratulations! Well done on reaching your goal! Nathan and Dorothy, you will both surely go down in the annals of motor cycling history! Like me I am sure that all of your other followers cannot wait to read the next instalment! Again, very very well done!

  3. You did mate!!! Great!!! And it was great to be part of the trip for a couple of days. The ride through Kazakhstan will be unforgetable. How was the feeling on the last kilometer to London? Take care and go on with your book. Hope we will see us soon.

  4. How am I going to spend my evenings now? Your regular instalments were required reading in this house. Heartfelt congratulations from someone who dreamed of doing that kind of thing but could never convert it into reality.

  5. Hi Nathan,

    Congratulations from Germany! I am happy to hear you made it. Hope you still head a nice ride for the last 1000Km…


  6. Well done !!! – you are a hero – wish I had the Balls to do something so amazing when I was younger

    Good Work

  7. Well done and welcome back to Blighty…. think you should do pole to pole next … worked for wots-his-name from Monty Python.

  8. Nate Dogg!! i’m sat eating cornflakes and watching the news, when on comes tha Dogg! well done mate. i must admt it took a while to recognise you with the beard, but yes, its definitley you underneath that!