Goose has crashed through the cockpit and the Top gun soundtrack is playing, it can mean only one thing; Dot’s in trouble.

Nothing serious; not yet. But across Kazakhstan she said ‘Nathan, I’m hit, I’m going down. And with two spokes broken and her engine clattering and clanking we approach the final stretch with nerves, trepidation and a great deal of misfire from both our rear ends.

We’ve been 8 months on the road, covered 30,000 kilometres in that long time and now, with just 5,000 kilometres through Russia, Ukraine and Europe to go, the moment of truth is nigh; can us two dirty motorcycling slags brings this mis-adventure to a glorious climatic close beneath the cliffs of Dover, or will we fail and sink well before we hit the English sea?

Who knows, who cares. But either way we’ll find out shortly, for in three weeks our date is set. The 3rd of October…

Mayday, mayday… we’re going down.


2 thoughts on “Mayday

  1. Just shout if you are near augsburg/germany. We have some tools and oil ready for use on dot. But till then its a long way to go, i guess