Mind bomb

Alrighty guys,

It’s only been afew days since I last posted but oh so much has happened I don’t really know where to start.

First of all the Iranian embassy here in Delhi said no to a tourist visa. They just fobbed me off, not a no exactly, more a ‘go home to England and get one from there,’ which, as you can well imagine, isn’t quite the soundest of options.

That left me and Dot riding back to the hostel considering seriously option two. And that is up and over through China and then the Stans. It’s a long, complicated and expensive detour but if it means no more flying then we’ll take it. And that’s what we decided to do, giving the green light to an agency who said they could get it all sorted in the month before my Pakistan visa expires. That’s the route you see; into Pakistan then up over the world’s highest road into China.

All good then. We’re coming home, just by another means.

But no. Tonight I’ve just received an email from the agency saying China is having a huge tourism event starting tomorrow and that if I don’t get all my documentation over to them today I’m screwed until they all get back on the boil in a months time. That would mean more waiting, applying for another Pakistan visa… a whole heap of horseshit.

To add to the confusion a fellow biker’s emailed from Islamabad in Pakistan to say he’s applying for an iranian visa there. If he’s successful that’s a route I could take. But now i have to decide. Go the China regardless of what might be possible in Pakistan, or wait and see, keeping fingers crossed this chap gets his Iranian visa and hoping the same fate falls on me when I try the same trick.

It’s a tough call and I still don’t know what the hell I’m going to do…

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