Morning Glory

Hi me, because maybe I’m the only one who will be reading,

But never mind. Today’s a good day and I thought I’d tell myself about it. I’m in Krabi, again, after coming back to rescue my abandoned flip flops yesterdaya and realising how much i like the place. Good news also, because a mate from uni is on the next island so if they get back to me i’ll hop on a long boat and paddle over there for a natter for old times sake.

If I don’t hear back from her I’m going to go to the Tiger ruins and clim the thousand or so steps and prove i’m out of puff having sat on a bike for two months.

Tomorrow I shall try again to head north, stopping at a national park where instead of the mallards and ducks that bob about in parks back home, here they have annacondas and alligators and spiders that bite. If death doesn’t take me there then it’s up to Bangkok where a ladyboy most certainly will. The other day in Phuket some guy warned me about sleeping on the beach. ‘You’ll get stabbed by a ladyboy,’ he reckoned. Whether he meant that as a euphonism i’m not quite sure but I woke the next morning without wound.

Anyway…. so considering my laptop broke last night i’m quite cheery and feeling better having just heard the interview with radio york, I thought it went hideous but the comments at the end were wonderful, so if they want me i shall continue.

But for now i’m going to eat my baked beans on toast and decide what i’m going to do today.

One thought on “Morning Glory

  1. Hey Nath.
    Hope you are enjoying the slower pace.
    With entering Vietnam you could try the border in North Laos.
    Laos route #04 heading in a north east direction. Towns name is Muang Mai on the Lao side if I remember correctly. Someone told us it could be possible to enter Vietnam there on our bike in December 08 so you should try. We were on our way there but turned back and went to Cambodia instead.
    The roads in Laos after rain will be an adventure, take care.