One down, two to go


Well, that’s it. The visa for Pakistan. Inked by hand and everything. It wasn’t as hard to get as I thought.

The indian one should also be easy. Down to the embassy tomorrow, put in an application and a cheque for fifty quid and it should be stamped in my passport within five days. Or so they say.

As for the Iranian one, that’s a bit tricker. You see before you do anything else you have to apply online for a visa code. To do that you tell them all about the stool you had that morning and the brand of bread you put your kippers in, attach a lump sum of 45 quid and hope for the best, because you’re not guaranteed to get it. Certainly being from Britain. Between 75% and 95% get one, the rest have to find another way, which, if you look at the map, doesn’t really exist. Over the top through Russia? It’s an option, but to do that you have to go through China which is massively expensive as you need an offical escort all the way. It can cost as much as two grand, which I haven’t got as I keep dropping expensive cameras in the ocean.

Hopefully I’ll hear in the next few days. In the meantime I’ll start planning for the plane ride over Burma to Nepal. The problem there is that with Burma being a military state, they don’t want moped renegades tearing through and seeing what the governmnet’s been up to these past thirty years. I think they’ve been a bit nasty. So you have to go around, or easier, over. That’s why Dot has to fly with Murdock on a plane you crazy fool.

Simple as that. Sort of. As for all the other countries the visas are easy, just get them at the border from your friendly neighbourhood border guard. Bribe negotiable. As it was today when I got stopped by the police for some mysterious crime and asked for Bht500. I got him down to 300. I didn’t think that was too bad for a weak hustler like me.

Anyway, now to bed. It’s 3.45 in the morning, I’ve been up finding contacts and organising bits and bobs. No, not watching porn before you ask.

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