One leg broken, the other now fixed

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Yup, the camera’s still kaput. Took it to Canon service centre today and he reckons 1 or 200 quid. Less than the cost of a new camera but it still sucks on your teeth. Not sure what I’m going to do but I need one, desperately.

Last night there was a storm so bright and vivid it would have been worth a night out in the rain to capture it.. Then today a couple of hundred thousand folk have been in the street protesting about the government. To get in and out of the hostel I had to ride straight through em and it would have been neat to go back and make them say cheese. But never mind, because at least the laptop’s mended.

when I dropped it the other day it turns out the power socket snapped inside so it couldn’t be charged. The fella fitted a new one and charged me 25 quid so I’m not grumbling. If only it was the same price for the camera.

And no luck with the visas today. The Pakistan embassy was closed when I got there and as I sat outside wondering a very ‘friendly’ lady – read hooker – came over talking to me, trying to get me to take her somewhere nice. I humoured her. But the embassy guy must have thought I was after a ‘bit’ and so he charged out of his hut and told me to clear off. That bodes well for the visa in case he recognises me in the morning.

Suppose I’ll find out in the morning. Night night.

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