Onwards or upwards

Evening all,

Just to let you know I’m still Delhi being harassed into buying all sorts of things I would never need, with tomorrow being the day I try and get some answers on this elusive Iranian visa.

If it’s a green light and they tell me I can get it then off we go, through Pakistan and Iran to Turkey. If it’s a red light, well, here’s the new plan;

The chap at a company called Stan Tours has informed me he can get me all the documentation and visas needed to get Dot and me in to China. I always thought this option would take too long but he reckons month, and that would coincide perfectly with my Pakistan visa’s expiry.

You see if I went this option I’d ride into Pakistan, head north up the KKH – a mountainous highway – which would shoot me through the tiniest of gaps into China. There I’d rendez vous with the guide I must have and ride north for a few days ’til we turned left in Turkmenistan or whichever of the Stans it is.

After that we’d just keep going, through the other Stans, over the Black Sea, into Armenia then down into Turkey having missed Iran out.

This second option is far more expensive than the first but it would at least mean we could ride all the way, not boat or plane. And that’s what I’m after.

Will keep ya posted.

For now, ladies and gentleman, I introduce Miss Annie Lennox…

3 thoughts on “Onwards or upwards

  1. Best of luck getting the Iranian Visa. I’m waiting for one to go in the opposite direction when I set off in a month but if there is no joy I may end up going up and over too. Iran looks like an amazing country to visit but if they think I’m evil then fair play to them…

  2. I wonder what the cable near your rear wheel is? The microhpone?
    Good luck with the visa, I would go for china, if i had the choice.

  3. hey good to see you are still struggling on and not given up!!!

    how is it going with the iranian visa? i hope you get it and dont have to go thru china!

    i have ridden in hong kong before and if that place is anything to go by then you really will need your wits about you! imagine the other places you said were mental drivers? well they just as bad in china lol

    either way good luck and keep us all posted!