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Kinda didn’t make much fuss of it but on the same bike as I originally rode from Sydney to London on, I’ve just completed my trans-world adventure by reaching Alaska. It was a good trip, cold, a turbulent at times, but we made it. More pictures to follow.    

Good news!!

Motorcycle News is very kindly and very generously selling copies of my book, the Long Ride Home, priced at £9.99 including postage and packing. Despite the changes in the cover, it’s the same book about the same trip from Sydney to London as the other variations that have been shown over the past few months. […]


So I made it across America, with a proper report on that to come. But to summarise, in total I covered 10,000 kilometres (6,000 miles) in six weeks, starting in New York and heading first up through Pennsylvania. From there I took in Detroit, Chicago, then down along the old Route 66 to St Louis […]


Well, I talked about it long enough. Now it’s happening, me and Dot riding across the States. In fact, we’ve been at it 2 weeks or more, now at the mid-way point, Wichita, waiting for morning to break before pushing on through the mid-west, destination Colorado or Santa Fe, haven’t decided yet. Apologies for not […]