Pistols at dawn

It’s Wednesday night, I’m in my hostel room abusing the free wifi provided at the place next door and have been contributing to this;…%20Taliban…&mid=63424

It’s a discussion forum on the trouble in Pakistan and with everyone saying how dangerous it is I thought I’d chip in. Initially I was getting flamed for saying it’s not that bad. ‘You’re all over-reacting,’ or something like that.

Now two people have wished me luck, but not before a bloke called Battenburg Bob could rubbished my trip and called me names. I’ve stood my ground and some of my responses may make me sound a bit daft. But he’s a copper and not willing to wish me luck. I reckon I’ve every right to have just called him a cock…

Just re-read it, I do sound a cock. Sorry plod.

2 thoughts on “Pistols at dawn

  1. So what if a copper rubbishes your efforts Dude? HE isnt adoing it nor has he the BALLS to do it. I think what you are doing is BRILLIANT! I just wish I was your age, I’d be off round the world just like you.


  2. Don’t let the b%4tards grind you down mate… what you are doing is an epic, not just because its a postie bike, but because of the spontaneity…

    don’t let any small minded twats tell you otherwise…

    some of my best friends are plod… but in this case, i refer to William Shakespeare in ‘measure for measure’

    “but man, proud man, drest in a little brief authority, most ignorant of what he’s most assured”