Morning all, just a quick one as I’ll jump on later with some photos and hopefully a video from the other day.

Now in Agra, just seen the Taj, thought it was okay, but I know Dot’s tomb will be bigger and better.

Feeling really rough though. It seems at the minute that I ride a day, have to rest a day, ride a day, rest a day, so hopefully tomorrow I’m feeling fine enough to head to Delhi to try and sort out the Iranian visa.

I’m keen to hear anyone’s advice but I have an applicaiton for a tourist visa in the pipeline, a place it’s been now for eight weeks. I was thinking, should I go to the Iranian embassy and ask instead for a transit visa or carry on waiting? I’m just worried that if I carry on waiting and finally get a refusal – which is likely – I won’t have time to reapply at the embassy before my Pakistan visa expires.

We’d love to hear anyone’s advice and suggestions

Yesterday though was a good ride; we got lost, had to do an extra 100kays to make up, then was given a free meal and a roadside shed that looked to be for travelling Indian vagrants. Me and Dot; we fit right in.

But they made us feel very welcome and we had a good old natter, using a Lonely Planet guide to explain where we’d been and where we’re going.

Yesterday was also a big day for Dot as she turned 60. I pulled over as the tachno turned 60000 to sing her a song and give her a present. A little pink chain bought from a girl who hassled me on the street. It’s the thought that counts…

Pics and vids this afternoon, hopefully.

And just seen the tension in Iran, it doesn’t look good.

2 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Have you thought of a flight from Mumbai to Musqat in Oman? Just over 100 quid I see. Dunno what Dot would cost though. Not sure how hard to get through Saudi but maybe worth thinking about. Then again you have probably investigated and dismissed that one. I’ve not long been following your epic so maybe you covered all that earlier on. Couldnt find anything promising on a ferry between India and Oman apart from some talk about it might be reinstated soon whatever that means

  2. Hi Doug,

    Only problem with that is Saudi Arabia, which I don’t issue visas of the sort I need for me and Dot.

    it would a cool way home though.