Remember the dead

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It’s a sad day. A blue day because not all of my team made it. Two fell, two will not be forgotten.

The first casualty was my knife, a gift from Raylee the day I left. It wasn’t big, tough, hard or clever, just a useful knife, red with a plastic handle and perfect for slicing my mangos.

I last used it to cut through my roll of tape as I mounted my camera to the panniers by the roadside. There I must have left it. Alone. And rode off…

As for Cap, he was also red, also a gift from Raylee and my favourite out of the three I carry. That was in the right pannier I left flapping open as I rode off a little later. It must have blown as a result of the terrific speeds Dot reached today.

See our video…

Knife and Cap, I salute you both

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