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I had a radio interview with BC York today. I’ve done one every week for the past three. I just talk about the trials and tribulations I’ve faced that week and talk daft about Dot’s health and mine too. The last two have gone ok, not amazing, but ok.

Today’s though was terrible. I was just a bag of nerves, didn’t know what to say. It didn’t help that the second question, after asking where I was, was ‘what can you see?’

Given that I was down a back alley trying to escape the traffic noise that wasn’t much. I mumbled something about derelict buildings and what not but I don’t think made much sense. Then I babbled on about the troubles I had crossing the border but I just got tongue tangled and chewed up some rubbish. I was sweating like crazy.

Then the woman asked where  my support crew were. It was a great question, my saviour, because with a bit of fire in my belly I was able to answer slightly flabergasted that I was on my own, dealing with my own problems, getting myself out of the messes I often find myself.  Not like those chee leaders Boreman and McGreggor.

Then the interview was over and I was dumped off the air. It was a horrible feeling, knowing that a thousand or two people had just listened to you stutter and stammer through what should be a breeze. So I’m not sure if I want to do any anymore. Reducing this adventure down to a 3 minute snapshot is impossible and I just don’t feel I have the time to get across anything resembling sense in that time.

Maybe I’ll leave radio to the local Smashie and Nicey and stick to errrrrr…. words and p-p-p-p-pictures from n-n-n-n-now on. I’m less likley to stutter with those.

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