So much for the city

Had enough. Too much heat and hot here in Bangkok, as much as i like the place. So, while I wait for a clever man to fix my camera and a visa embassy for Iran to hopefully come through, I’m going to head north to Chaing Mai in the morning.

The map tells me it’s over 700 kilometres, about 400 miles, which we might manage in a day. If not there’s a national park at which I can pack my tent and unravel my thoughts about everything that’s happened on the way. That’s about 300 miles away.

To be honest though I just want to get the trip underway again. It’s lost its steam, its momentum and while I know it’ll all get going again once i touch down in Nepal I can’t wait for that day. Hopefully two weeks, but maybe more if the embassies drag their heels.

But I’m still loving the trip. It’s a test, a challenge. Not much of a holiday at times and I’m really looking forward to the challenges in these next couple of countries. The heat will be soaring. Summer in India and the rest of the region means I may as well ditch everything but my shorts and travel light, give Dot a brake and prepare her for the gruelling slog along the highest road in the world, which is in india, then for the bandit country of parts of Pakistan and then for the deserts of iran.

Firth though Nepal, with hills that’ll almost kill her. My plan there is perhaps to take a few weeks and hike around the rim of Everest. Not climb it, I;m not fit enough for that. But take a saunter. See what we find. See if I’m fit enough for a start. From what i hear it’s tricky.

For the route after Iran things don’t look optimisitc for crossing beneath the Med. Libya is apparently really tough to get a visa. You need a minimum of five in your group. But we;ll see. A couple of rally cool Germans at the hostel said places like Egypt aren’t worth the hassle, but it’s Dot, she wants her picture taken with a pyramid.

3 thoughts on “So much for the city

  1. Hi Naff!
    I can vouch for the whole Egypt thing .. it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.. except for the pyramids which have got lots of cracks in them .. somebody forget to use polyfilla a while back and I fear now it’s too late – it’ll be like putting the lens cap back on the camera after it’s been in the shower / sea. Plus it is somewhat annoying that the Sphinx rather than majestically looking across the vast open sand dunes of the desert – it is staring directly at Pizza Hut and KFC which are merely yards away. Abu Simbel wasn’t bad I suppose .. in fact some of the etched in names from Napolean’s army / Marauding victorians are quite interesting but all in all I wouldn’t bother with thousands of miles of detour just to tick the ‘visited Egypt box’ because you might be disappointed… on the other hand you can get a Big Mac meal for about 50p and it only vaguely tastes like dead rat.

  2. You sell it so well Mr Moody. Yeah that’s pretty much what these other folk said. I suppose it was more the overall north africa experience that appealed; Morocco, Algeria, Libya etc but we’ll see. I might not have the money when I get there.

    All going well with the carnival?

  3. Getting there with it.. i think another 10 weeks worth of planning and work and we’ll be good to go.
    Just a slight downer that carnival day is 9 weeks today!