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Some pics from the ride down to Sydney

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I know, not many, but I was kind of in ‘riding’ mode so was quite happy to just keep going and not feel the need to pull over and take some snaps. But I’ve got to ride back up to Brisbane to take the bike back at some point so I’ll get some more then.

In the meantime I’m on day three of my stay in Sydney. I’ve got a radio interview today on 2UE and am just busy going to see the magazines and what not, dashing around, getting sunburn. I’m now sat in Balmain library writing this, thinking how great it is to be back here. I really like this place. Not necessarily the library, but Balmain and the city. It’s been great to go for a cruise around the old familiar streets and catch up with old friends. It’s been a while…

Anyway, best get back to it.

See ya.


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