Still in Germany

We watched Long Way Aroudn last night, it was the first time I’d seen it. Quite honestly at the beginning I was embarrassed for them. Office space, secretaries, gun training, advisors, Russian lessons, I thought it was one big joke. I sat there thinking I left Sydney with two days notice, on a bike I’d bought off ebay and no clue how the hell I was going to get to the other side of the world. So I laughed. And thought how shit it is that they’ve made this travelling around the world business look much tougher than it really is, discouraging people in the process.

But the more I watched I thought nah, these guys had it tough, real tough. And while they may have hired that truck to get them through and they may have had support all the along the way, they still fought the battle, they still won that trip. And to have to put up with all the media furore across Kayakhstan must have been hell when all you wanted to do was ride. I had a lump in my throat when they made it to the end I was so happy for them. Heck, I’ll even wave to them if I see them on the road.

Tomorrow then to the #Ring#, then a slow dawdle across Luxemburg, Belgium and France for the ferry saturday morning in Calais. Four days and counting.

Just trying to upload some pictures but all I’ve managed to do so far is infect Andreas’s computer with a virus. Woops.

17 thoughts on “Still in Germany

  1. Good to hear all still going well. Look forward to hearing you’ve made it to England.
    However when you get there! What the hell will you do. The first few days will be euphoric and then if the return from any of my travels are anything to go by then a big low will descend. Your friends and family will have no idea what you have been through or where you have been or the people you have met. Alas but you will have to adapt to their reality. And their reality has no comprehension to you and your lifestyle. You have changed forever. Hold on to it all and never forget. You have been an inspiration to many an old traveller. You have shown that the spirit of adventure is still alive. If you want to do the Pan American Highway on the way to bringing Dot back home then drop me a line. I might get my 60 year old bones moving again. Thanks for getting me thinking again. Wish you all the best for the future and what it holds for you.

    Best Wishes Gwyn

  2. Gwyn,

    Great message and so true….

    Nathan. I read the book “Long Way Round” along time before I saw the video. A agree a nice bunch of guys getting together to make the trip. But my feeling remains that they would not have made it on that route without their money and “fixers” in particular.

    The feeling came across in the “Long Way Down” too.

    I have far more admiration for your efforts and do look forward to reading your book.


  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments, they help make it feel all the more worthwhile. And Don’t tell my mum Gwyn but you might be needing that riding suit laundered if things go to plan.

  4. Wow, I only discovered your site a few days ago, and have read almost everything. Love your sense of humour. Today I was driving in Cape Town South Africa, and saw a little red Honda exactly like the one you started the journey on (the moped with no long range tank. It had a red plastic box on the back with a hand-painted slogan “what do you want ?” on the back. Guy had an open-face helmet, scraggy beard and I thought “no way, this is too coincidental”..
    The size of the bike really drove home to me what you have acchieved. Anyone who reads your site and thinks it is no great acchievement needs to see one of these up close – If it did break down you could put it under your arm and walk the rest of the way ! Amazing acchievement.
    Best of luck with the rest of it, and wherever life takes you from there.

  5. Let me guess…’re going to spend some time with dear old Mum, get Dot fixed up then ship her and yourself to New York….ride across Canada to Point Barrow Alaska then all the way down to Ushuaia ship the bike to Cape Town and ride it back to England

    How’s that for being close?

    Anyhow… by the time you get here (Seattle) I’ll be back from South America and you’ll be welcome to stay.


  6. Close Trevor, but no cigar. A lot’s got to happen before it’s possible so I won’t say too much. But Alaska, I like the sound of that.

  7. G’day
    Good luck on the Ring. Keep a look out for Gollum! You missed an absolutely fantastic day in Sydney yesterday. Dust storm. Everything was red. Surreal. like being back in the Sinai.
    take care Gwyn

  8. Just found you on the web yesterday. What can I say, I take my hat off to you.

    Wish I had the balls to do it in reverse as my daughter emigrated to Adelaide earlier this month.

    Good luck to you.

    Regards, Roger.

  9. Hi Nathan. Well, its 9pm the day before your due to ride into the Ace Cafe in London. Just been told about your ride. I reckon if you can make it there, its not much for me to come down and cheer you in. See you there.

  10. Good Morning Nathan,

    I trust that by this time you and Dot have safely arrived in Calais afor the ferry. I, like I am sure, many many other people all around the world trust and pray that all goes well and that you achieve the goal that you set yourself and have worked so hard to achieve. I cannot wait to read your next message to all of us out here describing the events of the last few days.
    Ride Safe, Justus.

  11. Well done Nathan!!!
    If all went to plan, you must have arrived back in England today. I haven’t checked out your site since you were in Nepal, and for no (apparent) reason I had a look today. How synchronous! Look forward to hearing about your arrival and future plans. I’m so inspired by your sense of adventure.
    All the best,
    (CT 110 rider).

  12. 0745 Sunday morning in Sydney. Dorothy, Dorothy Wherefore art thou?
    Still in the Pub? Detained by the Pommie Immigration? Or just still partying? Eagerly awaiting confirmation of arrival so can head down to Bondi to have a cold one for you.
    Take care Gwyn

  13. 06h25 Sunday Morning – Johannesburg. Nathaaaaan! Where are you and Dorothy? Going out for a Sunday ride just now and like Gwyn Hooper was hoping to celebrate your arrival. I pray that you are both safe and look forward to “hearing from you” – Jusuts Pitout

  14. Sunday draws to a close here in Sydney and I regularly check for an update. After a journey like yours I don’t really think of any mishaps. I reckon you and your Mum and family have the teapot working overtime as you recount the last nine months. Just dont forget you have a large extended family now that are keen to celebrate with you, even if not together. All we need is the word from you that it is indeed time put our own kettle on.