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Hi all,

Sorry I’ve neglected the site the past week or so, just been knuckle deep in a ton of a stuff but now my handsa are out and back tapping on the electronic keys.

We’re in Kathmandu, I’ve just been to get my trekking pass which means tomorrow Dot’s legs are rested while mine are used on the 140kay walk around a big mountain; Everest I think it’s called. But not up it. That’d be too much.

But for now my finest friend Paul Taylor – Paul. take a bow – has worked his little nuts off to produce this selection of tees crafted finely in the name of charity. Yup, pay a tenner and half that goes to the sweat shop that made it and the other hal to a charity hell-bent on closing that same sweat shop down. Oh the irony. But anyway, a link will be up shortly so you can buy if you want and pass over if you don’t

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