The cheak of it

Okay, so I’m in Medan, Sumatra waiting for the ferry to take me to Malaysia. It comes tomorrow but in the meantime I’ve been staynig in a fairyy tourist friendly part of town. The hotel’s cheap, clean and near MCdonalds and the internet. Smashing.

Yesterday then I go for a stroll to the mall for some bits and bobs; sewing kit to mend my trousers that sort of thing. Passing the seating area some locals call me over. They’re friendly, seem nice. I sit and talk, they’re a good laugh. After two hours I’m tired, want a coffee and then bed. ‘I’m going for a coffee,’ I announce.

‘Can we come with you?’ They ask.

Sure why not. So off we trot to a place over the road. Only they know somewhere better, so reluctantly I follow them, walking the backstreets for 15 minutes until it gets dark I’ve had enough.

‘Sorry guys, I just wanted a coffee, I’m heading back, you go on.’ But oh no, they insist they come with me. So back we go to the original place I was going to get a drink.

We sit down, we all order, tea and they want food. We eat, the lady clears the table and one of the locals asks for the bill. You know what’s coming next.

Exactly. They give it to me. I keep calm. ‘Okay, I’ll pay half but you two pay the rest.’ The look exasperated. Clearly they were expecting a free meal. So I erupt.

Demanding they pay their share, I settle up with the waitress and march back to them absolutely raging. I just couldn;t believe they’d acted all chummy just to get a free meal. I felt cheated, pissed on.

So I let rip. ‘I can’t f’ing belive you’ve just done that. You f’ing scum bags. If you see me don’t even f’ing speak to me. Just f’k off. And with that I left, slightly disappointed with myself for swearing like that but still fuming that you just can’t trust anyone. It’s just so disappointing and events like this just continue to smear my impression of Indonesia. They knew what they were up to and I felt lousy having to retaliate. So now I’m not going to trust anyone, and that’s sad, but I don’t feel I have much option. Sad sad sad.

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