The Route

The route is a well trodden one, it done in the past by cyclists, motorcyclists, vans, cars, trucks, even buses.

There are a few variations of it. I went up and over Afghanistan, in to China and then across Central Asia, though those fortunate enough to get Iranian visas can cut a lot of that out.

Otherwise, Burma remains the one big stumbling block, with positive news on the horizon for those looking to pass through it in the future. General consensus though is that travelling the world on motorbike is only getting harder, simply because of the current tension in so many countries, with it increasingly hard to get visas for places in the Middle East.

Here’s the route I took, though of course with not so much detail on it as that would ruin it for those wishing to buy and read the book.

Apologies for the spelling of London, I don’t know what went wrong there. It’s spelt right in the book, promise.

Overall though it’s fair to say that route planning and bureaucracy involved with whatever route you take is by far the hardest aspect to a trip like this. Really, the rest is just rding, and that, if you ignore the distances involved, is quite straight forward.

Planning ahead is useful, but not always fruitful as things change so swiftly. Best approach as far as I’m concerned is to be flexible because no doubt your route will have to change at some stage along the way.

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