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The rebuild begins

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It’s been over two years since me and Dot rode in to London and completed the journey. In that time I’ve been working on the book and doing other things while she’s largely been shut away in the shed at the bottom of the garden and forgotten about. Well, not forgotten, perhaps just neglected. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

But now with the book coming to a head and summer approaching I’ve suddenly discovered a new zest for getting her back up to fine form, and so the other day I laid out the tools and took her apart.

To be honest I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing but gradually the engine came out, the wheels, the petrol tank, the headlight, the forks, pretty much everything until all I was left with was a frame. Poor Dorothy.

Alas, with assistance from my dad I’ve gradually stripping down the engine to find out what she may and may not need. And the surprising thing is that despite doing all those miles, over the Himalayas three times etc, she needs barely anything, in fact the mechanic who had a look at her said she’s ride back to Australia tomorrow without any fuss.

So what I’ve had done is the sump plug repaired, which had been threaded by a strong armed Indian mechanic and held in since by a toothbrush, and then ordered a few parts such as piston rings and cam chain, which all should be here in the next few days. For that I have to thank Joe, the bike shop owner in Brisbane who sold me her in the first place.

Very kindly he’s bundled up everything I need and only charged me the postage. So a big thank you to Joe and all the gang at One Ten Motorcycles. I’m really grateful.

Hopefully then Dot should be up and running by this time week, her hopefully making her appearance at a talk I’m giving at Edwinstowe Library next Wednesday. If anyone’s around it’s from 7-8.30pm, with Edwinstowe a small town not far from Mansfield, the place where I grew up.

In the meantime I’ve uploaded some pics of Dot in her current state. Just don’t stare too long, you’ll make her blush.

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