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Hey, hope everyone’s well.

It’s certainly been a while. Last I reported I was back in Australia trying to promote the book. That went okay, I don’t think it sold bestseller or anything but it was a nice experience. I even got to be on TV…

Look for the numpty walking in front of the camera.

That was back in March, I’m now home in England, have been for a few months, just trying to get the book launched here and while doing that also get Dot back on the road. It’s been a bit of a process, having to have her inspected twice with modifications to be made, but none so serious, until finally last week I got her new number plate; Q430 UAG.

It’s on a ‘Q’ plate as the DVLA didn’t see that I had enough evidence to prove she was a 2004 model. But I quite like the ‘Q’, could stand for many things, like quirky, or queen, which of course she is because having done nothing to her whatsoever other than change the oil she’s running like a dream. A bit tired, but on the runs out we’ve had she’s been cruising just fine, apparently doing 55mph the other day.

The speedo at the minute is a bit of a non-starter. The MPH sticker is a fake, just one there to get her through the safety inspection, possible because they don’t check for accuracy, just that it says MPH and not KMH. So the digits still represnet kilometres, the only thing is the speedo’s over reading so where it says eighty it probably translates in to sixty. I don’t know if it’s a faulty cable or what. But I like it, makes Dorothy feel faster than she’s ever been before.

These then are the pictures of a run out we had the other day, to the seasise town not far from me called Scarborough. I met some friends there. It was a nice day out…

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. now if you’d only waited till the woman in pic 63 (Lambretta) had finished her coffee and was on her scooter in her matching jilbab and hijab, that would have been a great pic.

    Glad to see you and Dot back on the road and out of the shed. I finished The Iliad (and a few others) and am with you in Thailand now. Thoroughly enjoying the book.

  2. You did get it on the road in the end then, thats good too see. Hows the book coming along? Didnt realise you had the MASSIVE website aswell as the book! haha, Done a good job buddy. If ever in the southwest theres 3 lads with c90s to visit (and yer we made it back from ripley in ONE DAY, that and the early hours of the next day)

  3. just read your book my mate dave from wakefield lent it me what a fantastic trip and a brilliand read