Which way’s west?


Alright, so the black line’s where I’ve already been (Australia, East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), the red one is the where I’ve still got to go. So from here over by plane to Nepal, then down through India, across Pakistan, Iran, Turkey.

That’s where I have an option. The red route carries on the simple route through Europe. No more visas, major border crossings. Easy.

The blue line is the other way, wiping the Med’s bottom all the way through Syria, Jordan, Egyp, Lybia, Algeria and then across to Italy. If I’ve  got the time and the cash it’s the route I’d love to take. Africa. Awesome.

But for now I’m in a fiver a night guesthouse where the walls are cardboard, the glass thin as a sheet and, by the sounds of it,  the man across the corridor is taking some Bang-kok. I’m not a homophobe but iPod. Full blast.  Lalalalalalalala.

2 thoughts on “Which way’s west?

  1. Nath.
    Triple check there is petrol available in Nepal before you commit.
    Or see if you can organise someone to bag you some.
    Goodluck with the Iranian Visa. Algeria is a no go zone Ive heard which gives you all the more reason to try and go that way. RearGuards N