Protect your Home

Protecting you property can be difficult with so many ways for intruders to break in. It is very important that you make the effort, however, if you want you and your family to remain safe.

The best options include surrounding your house with a wall and strong, solid gate. Not only will this prevent people from attempting to break in but it will also give the impression that your house is well secured and probably not worth their effort. Here are a few other great ways to protect your home.


A burglar alarm should be your first port of call when considering how to protect your property. An alarm can alert you to an intruder very quickly, and if you set it up you can connect it with your local police station. Advertising that you have an alarm set up will also put people off attempting to break-in and therefore secure you home further.

Windows & Doors

To prevent people being able to get in through your windows make sure you have thick panelled double glazed windows. This will make it harder for people to smash the window and enter your home. And of course, make sure you always shut your windows before you leave the house, otherwise purchasing double glazing windows will do no more than keep your house a little warmer.

UPVC Composite doors are also very secure & strong. Good quality examples are an excellent preventor of forced entry


A solid gate is a great way to prevent people entering your property. It will stop anyone being able to drive straight up to your home as well as stopping people walking in. Installing a gate such as one from Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd will not only secure your home but it will also add value to your property. An automated gate is easy to use and you can install them at home or at your site of your business.


Home Door SecurityStrong doors are essential to protecting your property from intrusion. Weak doors can be kicked down and provide very easy access to your home. Purchasing and installing a thick door with good locks is a wise investment and essential to safeguarding your property. Once you have installed an alarm, a strong door should be the next item on your list.

Dealing with these four key areas will help you to protect your home, yourself and your family for danger or theft. While it may seem expensive, it is worth the investment. After all, your safety and the protection of your home is surely priceless.

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