Double glazing windows are great news for homeowners. Not only do they keep heat in and noise out, they reduce energy bills by a considerable amount each year.

However, some double glazing windows come as pre-fabricated units, some just don’t seem to go with the rest of the exterior and some just, well could look better. A few simple tricks and your double glazed windows can look fresh and up to the minute.

Advantages Of Double Glazed Windows

If you think that the best things about double glazing is that your energy bill is reduced and the noise level is down, then you are right. However, have you noticed how much more light they now let in, making the whole room feel more open and spacious? Why not capitalise on this unexpected bonus? Add plants and keep paintwork surrounding the window area light and you will create a bright and breezy ambiance that will enhance the whole room.

Double Glazing WindowsDouble glazing can be fine when you add curtains, but you will take away a lot of the extra light. Sunlight is a source of vital Vitamin D, so before you do this, think perhaps about adding some other features that will enhance the light instead. Tiled window ledges reflect light and are easily kept. The double glazed sash window itself is also easy to keep looking good, no more dusty old curtains needing regular cleaning and rehanging, not to mention making the room look dated. The addition of a few plants will add focus without losing any of the brightness or freshness.

Fresh and Bright Double Glazing

Most people think that double glazing either comes in wood or white. Think again. There are many colours and finishes to choose from with modern double glazing, including different types of wood, various paintwork colours and metal finishes in a variety of shades and textures. If you really want to cover up your new and bright double glazing, possibly at night, perhaps it would be good to consider complimentary blinds in a similar or contrasting colour or finish. This way you are not weighing the look of the whole room down with old fashioned, dusty curtains and fittings, merely adding a light framework which can be raised and lowered to suit you, as the mood takes you.

Double glazing is an advantage in any home and in so many ways. It doesn’t take much to maintain it and keep it looking good and with a little help it can transform any room in a big way. See more here:

How To Make Double Glazing Windows Look Good