Looking after uPVC Double Glazing

and getting good double glazing prices

It’s well understood and accepted that installing replacement upvc double glazing can improve the look and value of your home, reduce the energy consumption, reduce noise, eliminate draughts and vastly improve security from burglars.

But once you have finished with your free local quotes online & installed them how do you look after them?

UPVC Double Glazing PricesOne of the main claims for upvc windows and doors are the low double glazing prices & minimal maintenance requirements of these types of home improvements, but that does not mean you can “fit & forget” there are some simple steps that you can take in order to maximise the lifespan of the windows and doors that you saved up your hard earned cash for.

I suppose the most obvious first thing to do is to keep the windows clean, if you are lucky to have a good window cleaner who visits your area then ask him or her to give the frames and window sills a wipe down at the same time as they are cleaning the glass. (Bird droppings left for a long time are the worst for staining anything!)

For full upvc doors, just wash them down occasionally, or as needed, with soapy water and wipe dry, this should keep them looking good for years to come.

It may pay dividends to annually lightly oil all the window & door hinges and lock mechanisms, using something like ‘3 in 1’ oil just to ensure that all the moving parts keep working smoothly.

If you are located in a place that has lots of rain followed by frost then inspecting any rubber seals before the onset of winter will be a good idea – excessive freezing & thawing of rubber seals can accelerate perishing and once the seals are ‘blown’ then the windows or doors will lose their weather proof integrity.

However good the quality of the windows or doors that you install, even though you may never have a problem, giving them the ‘once over’ every year is good practice.

Low Maintenance UPVC Double Glazing Prices